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Feature Request, FixedSong Report

Would it be possible in the resulting FixSongsReport - under Summary to allow a direct link from the “BARs” to the matched releases at “DISCOGS etc” instead or as well as going via option “MATCHED” on the toolbar? I try it all the time because it seems such a logical thing to do …

Ta Very much Thomas

Hi, nice idea

I thought there maybe an issue on the MusicBrainz bar because it can comprise Matched to MusicBrainz Album/Song Only/AcoustiD Album/Acoustid Song but those sections can be seen just by hovering so I guess click could take you straight to Matched/Matched to MusicBrainz

The other issue is then users might expect every bar to take you somewhere, and most would not.

What do you think ?


I think that Loaded, Album, Artwork, Songs saved & Completed could go easy into the bottom section. Where I also think that Loaded, Album, Songs saved & Completed not really are needed. Assumption is that for example a 100% is loaded and compared that 100% metadata are been processed.
I rarely look at the Summary Report, especially if it is a 100% match. If not a 100% only then I progress to Discogs or Musicbrainz to establish rootcause for the noncompliance.
To be honest the report is nice to have it is not a must, for me personally the most important info on completion would be, Number of Tracks matched, Tracks missing, Matched successfully against Discogs/Musicbrainz and associated catalog numbers.

Everything else should be automatically considered completed with the matching of a track(s)

These are my first thoughts …

The top section bars match the progress bars when the task is running so they should not be split up.
And when processing many songs, songs loaded, saved and completed can be quite important so I think for now Im not going move forward with this proposal.

Second thoughts: I have run SongKong against an album that has a total of 38 out of 40 tracks. The result is that the album was matched against an existing entry on DISCOGS and correctly identified that it has 38 out of 40 tracks found, all metadata are good, country of origin ok, catalogue good.

In the Summary Report, the first section when you hover over the initial 7 bars the result is always 38. Loaded, Album, Artwork, Songs Saved, Completed is a total waste of time in my opinion. The same applies to section 3. If you run a Song or a complete album in SK it is automatically expected that it will if find the correct release and such match everything as per available data from DISCOGS /MUSCBRAINZ. The key here is it has only “MATCHED” in the above example 38 out of 40 songs to an existing release. Which means the process is incomplete as 2 tracks are missing which means also that all the bars in the summary report incorrectly show 100% but where it should be only 95%

In the second section Song Artwork Metadata Completeness Summary only the first 2 bars are showing blue colour and again the number 38 and 100%

In the third section Song Metadata Completeness Summary all but “Original Data” are blue and show 38 and 100%

I think there is to much information in the Summary Report that is really not needed if one assumes that all data from DISCOGS/MUSICBRAINZ are correct. At the end we want to either compare existing metadata with the existing data available or correct and replace those data.

I would only make meaningful correct data available and the catalogue number linking to either/or Discogs/MUSICBRAINZ or to both if applicable.

I apologies as I have no idea if that all makes sense, I am frightened to read it again.

Cheers Thomas

Hi, I don’t follow your 100% versus 95% logic, if you only actually have 38 songs, then processing is complete if all 38 songs processed since impossible for SongKong to process 2 songs that you dont have. Complete just means how many songs have we completed the processing for, not how many have been matched to MusicBrainz that is the purpose of the MusicBrainz bar.

I think you need to remember that usually processing is done on multiple folders, and Completed will not match Loaded if there was any kind of unexpected error, or if user cancels before tasks completed, also Saved is only incremented if the file has actually changed so probably if you run again on same folder you’ll see Saved = 0 this time.

In Song Artwork Metadata Completeness Summary you probably only have SongKong configured to get Coverart that is why the others are blank. But also just because matched album to MusicBrainz there is no guarantee it will have coverart.

So I don’t agree with this really, although it maybe better to use tabs on the summary page to have each of the three barcharts on their own tab.