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Feature request: Fill down a column

I’m not sure if this feature doesn’t already exist in Jaikoz, but I’m wondering if you are able to fill down a column with the first item selected, as you would in excel. I’m also wondering if there is an auto-numbering feature, so that you could automatically renumber a disc without having to do any manual entries.

There are two things you can do:

  1. Select the fields you all want to be same value, right click and select Set Value, enter the value you want and press OK to set all fields to have that value.

  2. Enter value in first field, select Copy, select the other fields you want to have same value and select Paste

What about auto-numbering?

For the Track No column you can select the fields and use Edit:Renumber Track Nos to rename in display order starting from the value of the first field. However, this function only works for the Track No column might make sense if I extend it so can renumber any column, or is Track No column the only one it is needed for?

I would think that and disc number

But you are not going to want discNo 1,2,3 … because will be more than one track for disc ecetera

Paul I was thinking that if you had a box set, you would want the ability to renumber the tracks for each individual disc. This is what I was looking for.

Well that’s
still going to be trackno column .