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Faulty tagging behaviour

Hi There,

I’m running Jaikoz 10.0 NGS Pro

Let’s say I’m trying to metadata the album “De Oude Belgen, Vol. 2” with musicbrainz id b85d68a8-d350-4a6d-ba6b-d9bde3f701ac

First thing I did was adding the acoustic id. see picture Tag 1
Then I closed the files and noticed that Acoustid ID and Acoustid Fingerprint are saved the moment they get filled in. Okay that’s fine I guess

Then I asked Auto Correct Metadata from MusicBrainz Server see picture Tag 2
Jaikoz found a lot of data but most of it was wrong.

Then I asked Match Songs to MusicBrainz Album by Barcode see picture Tag 3
sure enough everything was mapped to a specific album, but it was a wrong album

Then I asked Match Songs to Specified MusicBrainz Album
This time everything was mapped to the correct album, however I can’t always use this option because when there 100 songs to do in one rune it also behaves strange

How can I improve my tagging results
Kind regards
Guy Forssman

Sorry because of an issue with forum pictures have not been show, perhaps you could email them to

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