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Error deleting duplicates > Doesn't do anything (not even preview)

Have the image in a docker. Moving files, etc seems to work ok, but with the “delete duplicate” section the program doesnt’ do anything, just launches a URL:


Checking the logs of the docker image it gives this errror:
songkong:server unable to delete duplicates:Index 8 out of bounds for length 8

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, sounds like there is an issue with the Delete Duplicate options, as if it is missing some of the options. Could you run Create Support Files to send me the logs, perhaps reinstall ensuring you remove existing configuration before creating new container.

Of course! No problems. I’ll generate/pull a new image this weekend and if it gives me the same problem I’ll contact you.
PS: Using it on a “home made NAS” with OMV and using the unraid docker image. Shouldn’t be the problem, but just in case it could help someone :slight_smile:

Hi, tried pulling new image with 100% new configuration file. Still same problem. All the rest of the options are working, only the find/delete duplicates.

Can use perfectly the find/delete duplicates with windows installation but not with this docker image.

Thanks for the help. How should I send you the logs?

Hi, okay so first I would say are you sure you are using new config. If you have followed the install instructions and set /songkong to a real folder and then you don’t remove those files and do a subsequent reinstall of the image pointing /songkong to same location then it will use the existing config stored at /songkong

The logs files can be sent by selecting the Create Support Files option on the menu at the top

Thanks! yes I pointed the sonkong configuration to a different location (/srv/ssdmain/docker/config/songkong2) so as to create a new configuration file as you sujested.

Seeing it still doesn’t work, I’ll send you the support file see if we can figure it out :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for all the help. Awesome program and service!

just in case it could help. I’m able to save all options, but with the filed: Never modify or add these fields
& Delete all metadata from these fields, the program doesn’t save my options (like I said, it does it fine with the rest). Maybe it can help :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry this is a regression in SongKong 7.6 when using Delete Duplicates in remote (web) mode, I didn’t pick it up because mostly test using desktop version and that works.

So I have raised and I am due to do a new release next week anyway so I will squeeze a fix into this release.

This is now fixed in SongKong 8.0 SongKong 8.0 released 22nd November 2021

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Hi! Great new version. Seems to work even faster and identifies better songs as is described in the release notes. Great job!

Even though it’s shoulnt go here, an idea: have you thought of an option that if the song exists where you’re going to record already exists, instead of creating the file again with the (x) (X= number), NOT CREATING the file in that folder, or even better, moving to another folder/deleting file?

Keep up the great work!

PS: Maybe Jaikoz does this and I just have to purchase this app too. It’s a little bit complicated distinguisihing between when you should use one app or another :slight_smile:

Hi, I think you are suggesting improvement to Fix Songs task, but really duplicate songs should be dealt with by using Delete Duplicates after Fix Songs

Jaikoz is good for custom editing/tinkering, but it will not work on a Nas, need a desktop computer for it.

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OK, thanks for the reply