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Error com/hp/hpl/jena/vocabulary/DCTerms

I’m also forwarding you another support file zip. It’s also crashing with an error upon attempting a match with one box set. This has happened before but I worked around by matching one CD at a time. This time I did that and I received the same error before it crashed again. I’ll attach this to the email for reference, too.

Thanks, okay this is regression - I will fix an issue a new release.

@mperazzetti I have replaced the existing release 11.5 for all platforms, tomorrow I wil hopefully do a proper 11.5.1 release so that all users get notified of new release.

Again you will have to do the following if installing on Windows

  • Right click on Jaikoz in Start menu (it is within Jthink group) and select Uninstall
  • This brings up the Uninstall or change a program list, find Jaikoz and select Uninstall

  • Then download from website again and reinstall
  • You can check you have new version because if you go tot Help:About the Build Date will now say 12th May 2022 but in the previous version it said 10th May 2022 or 11th May 2022

Note on WIndows if you don’t uninstall first you wont be able to install the new version

On Linux there is no need to unstall and can just install over the top of existing install.

Thank you. Will do.

I appreciate this. Will this also fix the random freezing upon saving changes as well that’s happening with albums and box sets on occasion? That happened quite a bit yesterday, even with deleting the artwork before. Down to one or two and sometimes three album tracks, the save won’t freeze, but with three album tracks it sometimes does freeze.

No sorry, in fact I looked at the logs files you sent and I couldnt see any errors, but I will have another look, no one else has reported this issue.

Now done full release, fixed by Jaikoz 11.5.1 Pixies released May 18th 2022