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Enhancement Request - Standardize Composer and Conductor

Dear Paul, I am currently starting to sort the existing classical collection using renaming structure like the following:

        + ifnotempty2(composersort,composer,'/')
        + ifnotempty(album,' ')
        + ifnotempty((year.length>4 ? year.substring(0,4):year),' ') 
        + ifnotempty(conductor,'/')
        + ifmultidisc(ifnotempty(pad(discno,2),'-'))
        + ifnotempty(pad(track,2),' ')
        + title

Essentially sorting by 1st letter of composer and then by composer, also using the conductor.
One feature that might be useful not just for me but for others as well could be an option to standardize the Composer and Conductor names, like you have the option for “Use standard Artist name instead of name displayed on cover” on the Format tab but to provide something on the Classical tab.
To give you a concrete example - today I autosorted some Music and two separate folders were created for Rachmaninoff, Sergei Vasilievich and Rachmaninoff, Sergei . Neither of them are listed in classical_composers.txt by the way, otherwise maybe there would have been an easy option to build a feature which relies on that? Interested to get your perspective. Best

Hi, the Sort Name should always be the same for a particular person (artist/composer etc) and is unaffected by those options, from looks like should be Rachmaninoff, Sergei because this is sort name for English Primary Alias, but we dont have so much control when matching to Discogs only.

So maybe one set is matched to Musibrainz and the other Discogs or maybe the issue is different, could you run Status Report ensuring both the folders are processed so I can see exactly what data is in these files to work out if there is an issue here or not.

Thank you Paul, I am not the expert at analysing this yet but I would say it looks like all data comes from MB, but might be enriched by DC and yet the difference in name shows in the sort tab. However, what I find peculiar that the names on the Classical tab are “normed” but not sorted… Whats your take on it?StatusReport00131_spreadsheet.xlsx (25.3 KB)

Hi, sorry could you run Create Support Files as well, that give me additional information not shown in the spreadsheet.

Sure, its on the way

I have changed the pattern (but still interested in your feedback re previous results) in order to avoid albums being split into several folders due to a number of conducters present. It seems that unlike artist conductors doesnt switch to Various ARtists / VA when multiple are found?
In short the new pattern is

  • ifnotempty2(composersort,composer,’/’)
  • ifnotempty(album,’ ')
  • ifnotempty((albumyear.length>4 ? albumyear.substring(0,4):year),’ ')
  • ifnotempty(albumartist,’/’)
  • ifmultidisc(ifnotempty(pad(discno,2),’-’))
  • ifnotempty(pad(track,2),’ ')
  • title
    Unfortunately I still find plenty of cases where the performers are added to the composer field but its coming straight from Musicbrainz - like CD2, Track 6 of this
    Resulting in - 1 SK MATCHED\L\Lupu, Radu Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus using the pattern above, splitting the CD across multiple folders.
    I guess what is needed, but doesnt seem to exist is albumcomposer and albumconductor?

Hi, SongKong uses my own albunack database which is an optimized MusicBrainz + Discogs database. And it seems that when returning composer relations it can pick up a different sort name variant to when picking up track artists, and this has caused the discrepancy.

I haven’t go to the bottom of the problem yet but it is with the albunack server, have raised an issue

Regarding your new mask Im afraid there is no such thing as an album composer, but the albumArtist field (and albumArtists) field is guranteed to be the same across all tracks in an album so really this should be used to categorise your albums without splitting them. To me this makes more sense since unless modern classical the composer has nothing to do with the release of a new album, conversely a conductor does and will probably be part of the albumArtist

Now conductor will work with different performers/orchestras so not all albums that they conducted on are going to be categorised under same name. However I would hope you would use the metadata within the files to find and play music rather than relying on the folder structure.

Having said all that I can see the appeal of simplifying and just categorising folder structure by composer then conductor but that is going to fall down when you have albums containing multiple composers/conductors. An albumComposer and albumConductor field which can contain multiple composers/coinductors that is constant throughtout the album would solve the issue but I would really need to see more requests for such a feature from others to consider adding it.

Thank you for raising SONGKONG-2236 Paul, I fully understand and will come up with another naming scheme. Good wishes and a nice weekend!

Regarding question about support files, the support files zip simply packages up your last few reports and your log files, and these are always available to you in SongKong’s Reports and Logs folders.