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Duplicates - Consolidate "Artist" and "Title" tags to be the same for large library

I’m considering purchasing SongKong, but only if it can do what I need it to do.

I have a considerably large iTunes library that I have built up and managed over the last decade.
As my library is large, I have a wide range of duplicate songs found within various albums - anthologies, compilations, etc. I have no interest in deleting duplicates, but am hoping to find a way to scan my music folders and standardize “Artist” and “Title” tags so they would be identical within all duplicates. I do not want it to alter/insert anything else, especially filenames. If only the tags are adjusted, I would then be able to use varying scripts to update the new tag info within my database, and change the filenames.

Is this possible with SongKong?

It seems that most music duplicate software has a focus on deleting, but very little customized batch editing.

Hi, yes if you think of it in a slightly different way. You can use Fix Songs to identify the songs, and configure it to only modify the Artist and Title fields so nothing else gets modified, so as long as Fix Songs can identify the song you would end up with the same value for Artist and Title for duplicate songs.

If you install free SongKong version you can try this out since you can run Fix Songs without purchasing a license and get detailed report showing exactly what changes it would make, but the unlicensed version is preview only and hence doesn’t actually make any changes.