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Duplicate fields in id3v2 tags

Ok sounds good! thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

Related issues are:

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I think the extra data on the status report would be useful. No need for interactive stuff imo

I dont really want to flag albums with different track artists on status report because there is nothing wrong with that. But Im happy to consider expanding Status report, what else would be useful to you ?

Could it possibly be made into an option so that it could output such values if the user wanted? it is conceivable that there could be differences in fields that should be static such as albumName or even albumArtist.

The behaviour of songkong is probably “logically correct” from a programming point of view, but it would be useful for the user to be able to “turn on” data reports to ensure field consistency, such as all albums have the same album name or album artist. It would save on manual checking. As everyone organises their music differently, there is naturally some level of subjectivity in this.

I wrote a python script to check fields for myself, but all songkong customers are probably not programmers. As an automated solution, I really think it would be good if songkong had the ability to present possibly erroneous data in a clear way (higher overview). As it stands, it is a bit long to drill into every album and check each album via the webpage. A way to monitor the fields that the user thinks should be consistent would be really useful! :slight_smile:


maybe a page other than the status report that is not enabled by default?

That sounds like a good idea.

Actually all albums matched with SongKong should always have consistent values for these two fields, but for albums it could not match may not, so it would be useful to be able to check this over music collection.

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One more thought, have you tried View as Spreadsheet that allows you to see all the metadata in one place without drilling down, and you could write some Excel macros to check things instead of a Python program.

Fixed in SongKong 9.0 Drukqs now have:

SONGKONG-2400 Add Use Artist name from Recording instead of Track option

SONGKONG-2401 Use Artist Name instead of name on cover should only look at track not recording

Hi, That sounds great! :slight_smile:

Sorry i have not had the time to look at songkong due to other work (and managing to wipe mty server). But I will update, try again after restoring from backup. Will also leave a review.

Many thanks for your help! :slight_smile: