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Drag and drop jaikoz and songkong - not possible

hello! for me it is not possible to drag and drop songs from the “music” app on mac os 12.2.1 to jaikoz or songkong.
is there a trick that i don`t know?
thanks in advance!


I have just tried Music to SongKong, and Music to Jaikoz and both worked if dragged to the open Jaikoz/SongKong window but not if dragging to the icon on the dock, is this your problem ?

Or does it not work in either case ?

But I tested against MacOS 11.1, I am now updating Mac to 12.2 and will retest.

i dragged into the open windows of songkong/jaikoz and not on the dock icon.
but right now i tried to drop a song on the dock icon.
both ways are not working.

it still finds the title and album, but it wont add the cover artwork.
but now “drag & drop” works.
i dont know why, because i did not changed anything.
but that`s great!

Okay, well that doesnt make alot of sense but glad you have now worked out how to do it.

And now checked against macOS Monterey 12.2.1 and that works as well.