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Don't want folders :/

Hello. I want to drop a folder full of mp3s onto SK and have it do its stuff but leave them in that folder rather than sub-folder them. I realise that this might mean giving up cover art but that’s okay. I’ve tried various check-box toggles but can’t find the correct combination. So I wrote an automator action that subsequently bins all the folders (and images) but I’d love to do it in one hit inside SK. Any advice appreciated – thanks!

By default SongKong doesnt even rename or move files, it only does this if you have modified Rename files based on metadata from No on the Basic tab

Or are you saying you want it to rename but not change the folder it is in, in this case you just need to enable Rename filename part only on the Filenaming tab

If you cannot get it to work just run Create Support Files and I will be able to work out what setting you have wrong quick enough.

Thanks for the prompt effective reply Peter. I had changed the Rename filename part only. Appreciate it.

“Paul” I mean. Sorry about that.