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Does the ingestion process automatically resume in the event of a shutdown?

I’m running SK Lite headless on my Linux desktop at present to see what preview presents me with and gauge the extent to which it’s likely to enhance/improve my metadata before “opting in” so to speak. I’ve started it from a terminal and because my library is rather large it’s been running overnight and I expect it’ll take another day or two to finish ingesting.

My question is, should I shut down or reboot my PC will SKL automatically resume where it left off once restarted or does it need to complete its initial ingestion uninterrupted?

If running in preview mode nothing is actually changed therefore if you ran again it would essentially be as if running for the first time. (If not in preview mode then this would not be thecase)

BTW do you realize that SongKong has a web UI, so yo dont need to run it form the command line.

Why would it re-import content it’s previously imported?

Yes, I’m using the Web UI, but running from terminal rather than launching via desktop GUI.

The songs have not changed so they have to be (re)matched. The existing file metadata already exists in db (from first time), some of the musicbrainz releases will be in cache but the matching process has to be redone because the songs are not matched.