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Docker SongKong with Chinese encoding issue

Hi, I am running the docker version with Pro License on Synology but I don’t think it supports those advanced tagging preferences.

my issue is the songs are matched but data from db are not in unicode causing my music player display unsupported codec which got injected as the tag.

like so

Acoustid Fingerprint
Album Artist
Album Artists
, SIP Xiè
, SIP Xiè
SongKong ld

any help would be appreciated

Hi could you please run Create Support Files that will make your issue alot clearer to me

I did actually, but it didn’t give me any reference ?

Okay it gets sent to my server automatically and I can download it, but I’m away from office now until Sunday so will have to deal with it when get back.

Hi, okay I have checked and in this case the song was not identified by SongKong and no match could be found. But it did copy the existing Artist field to Artists and Album Artists for consistency, but as the existing value in the Artist field is incorrect that hasn’t improved things

But it is added as Unicode, if your musicplayer does not show the value as added that implies your music player does not support unicode, if you don’t think SongKong is adding the information as unicode please send the mp3 file to so i can check it.

Note if a song has a SongKong Id field it just means the file has been processed by SongKong, it does not mean is has been identified, if it has been identified it would have a MusicBrainz Track Id or a Discogs Release Url Id.

The summary shows how many songs have been identified, in your case it stands at about 50%, as Im sure you appreciate Chinese music is not as well represented as Western music in database. It wiould be worth rerunning as sometimes you can get a few more matches based on the partial information added in first run.

Thanks for looking into it. as feature request go , would it be possible to add encoding conversion? I pre-ran conversion for Big5 to unicode but it’s very slow to start with and obviously not doing a good job as it skipped those files for whatever reason

What did you use for this conversion?

I run Unicode Rewriter ssh my Mac into a Synology disk to do the conversion

Okay you mean this,

I have created an issue to look into this further

It would be helpful if you could email a couple of files with this issue that I can use for testing, also to work out why not already fixed by UnicodeRewriter.