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Docker Container Download Issue

Hi all,

Playing around with docker and installed Watchtower. It has gone and downloaded the latest Songkong Container (SongKong 6.11 Floodland) but my licence ran out just before its release so I need the Songkong Container (SongKong 6.10.1 Odelay).

How do I access this?

Also it has occurred to me that if I want to install SongKong on my Mac at some time how do I go about downloading the version I require for my licence. They do not appear to be on the site.



Hi, sorry we only have the latest available versions.

You are free to stick with an old version and not pay anything to get updates to the latest versions but of course we would prefer that customers used the latest version, therefore we do not keep the old versions available.

A cost of £10 to get all new versions released over a one year period is sufficiently low that it should not dissuade any regular user of SongKong from upgrading…