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Discogs really slow?

Hi. The process to get almost 50k AcoustIDs seemed very reasonable to me. I saved all changes. Then MusicBrainz Remote Correct seemed reasonably fast as well. But now Discogs (to fill in data after MusicBrainz) has only processed 800 in 10 hours. That seems slow. And I can stream 4k from the same PC, so it is not a network issue.

Actually: I am not sure if it is 800 PROCESSED, or 800 FOUND. But at this rate it would be 2+ days.

Any advice or info - perhaps I am doing something wrong?


To be specific: the status box shows songs that have been MATCHED, but you don’t see the actual progress other than having to watch the “Checking” line constantly. It could be that Jaikoz is cranking away, but thousands of songs do not have a match. I rebooted, and after 5 minutes I was already at 192 matches, but it seems to have stalled there (the “Checking” is stuck on one song).

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Sorry - and I purchased Jaikoz Pro (so no limit on Discogs)…

I would recommend you just run Action:Auto correct, this does the various tasks in the best order for the best results.

I’m not quite sure of what is going on for you but a few things to note:

  • When you run Autocorrect From MusicBrainz that often adds a DiscogsRelease Url as part of the metadata, and that allows Update Metadata from Discogs to do just that without having to actually find the Discogs match.
  • Only MusicBrainz matching uses the Acoustic fingerprinting, that is not used by the Discogs matching and is one reason why Discogs matching is slower and not as accurate.
  • I wonder if you just have your songs in a single folder rather than organized into album folders, that makes things more difficult for the Discogs matching.

Appreciate the input Paul! I will try some things based on your feedback. Thank you.

Hi Paul. First, thanks for the assistance. I did have a lot of files NOT in sub-folders, and that was slowing Discogs. I went back to the preferred correction process, and it is working better.

Now that ll of the metadata is updated, I wanted to “update filename (and folder” from metadata. Right now, the “Save” is taking about a minute per file. I can stream 4k videos from my NAS, so it should not be the network. At this rate, it would take 30 days to finish. Any guidance to improve this speed? Thanks again in advance.

Sorry for the sloppy typing. I am running “update filename from Metadata” (and planned to do Folder next). At this rate it will take 25 days, so whatever hints to make the Save faster are appreciated. I realize that it is a rename file exercise, but this still seems sluggish. Thanks.

It makes no sense to me that it is so slow, it would seem to me that it is a network issue. I would suggest restarting Jaikoz, but if you have outstanding changes to save then you’ll lose them until saved.

Perhaps run Advanced:Create Support Files and email the zip file created to

Hi Paul. Just info here: I broke down the steps separately. The “rename file from metadata” worked fine. I then saved 10k at a time, not problem. The “rename subfolder from metadata” worked, but saving just one row (one file) takes 1-2 minutes. So it seems to be a problem creating/renaming folders.

Since all the metadata updates (from Autocorrect) we already run, and saved, the metadata is in a much better place. Now I can try for the “last mile” to get the folders updated, so I was not upset about “losing changes” be restarting (and rebooting) because there is just one step left to go - and the “update” works quickly, it is just the folder changes that are slow.

Again, thank you for the help.

So it is actually the The “rename subfolder from metadata” task rather than the actual Save that is taking forever, okay seems like it is going to some sort of loop, please send support files.