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Discogs Not Matching Well, V10 NGS

I haven’t used Jaikoz for a good while… blame Spotify, so I’m still on V10 NGS.

Noticing a lot of discogs stuff isn’t matching when either selecting “Match to one discogs album” or “match to specified discogs album”. The albums are at newest late 2022, so shouldn’t be a caching issue.

Is it likely to be because I’m using an older version of Jaikoz?

Album example: *
*Should be last item on the log

Noticed today that matches are being made to discogs but the data is not being added.

Album example:

Yes I think so, please update to current version.

Is there a roadmap to v12? Just trying to work out what my best option is on upgrades.

I’m looking at the blog, nice work on the version names, think I’ve seen every single one of those bands except Cranes!

No, but upgrade is very simple, whatever version you are currently on you can go straight to current version and at least 1 year of new versions with simple purchase -

Cool, if you havent heard Cranes worth a listen.