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Discogs Genre and Style

Hi there, I need a little help.
With Jaikoz I tag all my MP3 Albums only from MusicBrainz.
Now I wish to add to this MusicBrainz-tags only the Discogs Genre and Genre-Style (nothing else), separate with a semicolon.

How can I do this without changing my MusicBrainz tags?
Which preferences I have to use or check?
Can someone explain me a step by step way?

Hi, you can do this as follows:

  1. Open the Preferences Remote Correct:Discogs tab
  2. Add all fields to Never modify these fields (doesnt include Genre this has own options below)
  3. Set Genre to Always add values, set From and Max No of Genres to add addtional genres or set it to Always Replace Values to replace any existing genres.
  4. Select Save
  5. Run Action:Remote Correct:Update Metadata from Discogs to update albums already identified by MusicBrainz and with a Discogs Url already added.
  6. Run Action:Remote Correct:Autocorrect metadata from Discogs to try and match albums not currently matched to a Discogs release

Wow. Great support. Thanks.