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Disappearing I-beam

The default behaviour when pressing the RETURN key to edit fields is ‘select all’ by highlighting the background pale blue as expected. Also expected are the actions of BACKSPACE to clear the field or pressing an arrow key to clear the background and prepare the field for editing.

Pressing the RETURN key to edit the Artist and Album Artist fields causes a couple of problems. The ‘select all’ background does not appear and neither does the I-beam although it is placed invisibly at the end of the field as pressing the LEFT ARROW or BACKSPACE keys show.

My other issue is the incorrect spelling of the word ‘currently’ on the ‘Open folder, close current songs’ icon tooltip at the far right of the icons in the toolbar.

Both of these are minor gripes and clearly low priority, but they have been bugging me for years. If I had to choose, I’d rather you fixed the spelling error first. I don’t mind being called a pedant but I really hate spelling errors, especially old ones. Thank you.

The spelling error is one of those words that I always seem to type wrong, muscle memory, Like I always seem to type form instead of from and then have to go back to fix it.