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Differing musicbrainz musicbrainz_albumid and musicbrainz_releasetrackid using various taggers

I’m curious why the tag values would differ depending on what’s done the tagging?

Because there may be multiple releases with the exact same tracklist, and so which one a particular tagger chooses is dependent on its tagging algorithm and user choices/options (Preferreed Country, Format, Release Date etc). Often the choice is fuzzy anyway, the track lengths may not match exactly but match enough so tagger can be confident of good match

Thanks @paultaylor, in this case I tagged the same album (identical files) using each of the above then took the first track and compared the resulting metadata.

Is it fair to assume that Songkong will arrive at the same answers as Jaikoz (using default settings)?

Its fair to assume they will be similar, and more likely to be similar than if say you compared Jaikoz with Picard, but not neccessarily the same.