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Different "profiles" to usein Jaikoz?

I guess on my “Jaikoz wishlist” would be the ability to select different useage profiles when Jaikoz launches.

These profiles could have different pre-set options for local/remote correct, autocorrect, etc.

I think a feature like this would be very handy!

Actually that is an interesting idea, alot of people have requested being able to configure multiple autocorrecter configuration within a Jaikoz session, but not having multiple profiles.

This would be quite simple to do and I’ll certainly consider it further but in fact you could manually do it now without to much difficulty. All your settings are stored in settings.jai within your home folder:


so you could simply create multiple copies of this file, and just rename so that the one you want to use is called settings.jai before starting Jaikoz, but clearly would be better if you could switch within Jaikoz.