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Difference between SongKong and Jaikoz or is there a need to have both?


I am very happy to have songKong and it works superb for my mp3…
now i got again a structure and good fittings

Apart from that i am searching for a tool to see the complete database of my mp3s

In the past i use foobar2000

But will there be a better program for this? Might it be that jaikoz can take over the parts of foobar2000 and is there a mobile version too to use this on android or ios systems too?
A kind of database mp3 and player all in one?

Regards Odi

I need to apologize my bad english

Thats great.

Jaikoz is very compatible with SongKong and is good for semi-automated matching, finding Discogs/Musiucbrainz matches that Songkong missed because of conflicts with existing metadata. But it does use the same databases as SongKong so it will not help with matching if those albums are not in MusicBrainz or Discogs databases.

It also has much more powerful manual tag editing.

But there is no mobile version, only runs on PC, Mac or Linux with Gui desktop, and it is a tag editor not a music player.

Ive bought now both systems :slight_smile:
but i need to get a proposal from you professionals:

What kind of cd music ripping tool you use together with your programs?
which would be the best choice for me?

regards Odi

dbPoweramp is popular, and seems to work well enough, other than i don’t have any particular recommendation.