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Details on using the Musicbrainz VM with SongKong

This can also be used with Jaikoz, just configure Musicbranz Server and Musicbrainz Search Server in Preferences:Musicbrainz:Musicbrainz Server

Thank you for the awesome write up!

Something I have noticed on the previous image, as well as the current one, is that the screen will go blank after a few minutes and the system goes into a sleep mode. This causes any long replications or indexings to never finish. I found if I type in this command after I have logged into the server, but before i run the replication, it will allow me to always see what is on the screen and keep the system awake:

setterm -blank 0 -powersave off -powerdown 0

The tutorial on the blogspot needs to be updated to match the current build of VMware Player. And (explanation for Dummies) why is there an intermediate prog between MB database and SK? Should W7 users update to Workstation 10 or stick with Player?

What intermediate ‘prog’? Do you mean vmware player? Vmplayer allows you to run the virtual machine on your current computer, in your current operating system like windows 7. It plays the vm, or virtual machine. Otherwise you would need to install a full OS and do a massive amount of configuration and setup in place of or along side your current OS. Something that can be very tedious to setup.

This virtual machine has a full operating system on it and all the required software that is needed to run the musicbrainz server, as well as the database itself. Someone basically went in and did all the hard work by setting up and configuring a full musicbrainz server and then just making an image or copy of the server that can be ran within the wmplayer software. This way you are not hitting the MB database that is online and hosted by musicbrainz, but instead are hitting a copy of their database and server that you are running locally. No in between program, it is actually a new end destination.

When you hit musicbrainz directly, as is the default settings for jaikoz and songkong, then you are limited to how many queries, ie, how many times you can access their information per second. They do this to keep the servers online. If they did not have these restrictions, then people would try to access the servers to fast and use up all the resources. If all the resources are used up, then no one else would be able to use their services. By putting in these restrictions they guarantee that everyone is able to access the servers, even if it means that they have to do it a little bit slower. By using your own musicbrainz server, that you are running on vmplayer, you are no longer needing to access the main musicbrainz server. This has to advantages. One it removes the restrictions that jaikoz or songkong have to follow since you are no longer using their resources or servers and instead are using your own copy. Two it moves the server to a local resource so it is typically faster to access as you no longer have to rely on accessing the main servers over the internet.

I hope that answers your question. Sorry for such a long response.

I appreciate the response… Is there any indication how often the MB database should be refreshed?