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Deselect Edit-Column

I couldn’t find a way to deselect the Edit column (only with Revert to Saved).
What about ESC ?
It’s a little bit inconsistent, that if no row in the Edit column is selected and when all rows in the Edit column are selected, both does the the same when as example I click in the toolbar on “Autocorrect Metadata from MusicBrainz”

I found it better in the old version of Jaikoz to select rows on which the toolbar commands act on and not the Edit column. But that’s your decision.

I dont follow, what do you mean Edit Column ?

I mean the first column in the Edit window. It looks like it the name of the first column. But the column names are a row deeper. So sorry, what is the name of the first column? Order-Column?

Okay row number column, i.e for selecting rows, so you can easily deselect it in two ways.

1>If one row is selected, just click on it again to deselect.
2> Edit/Select None will also delsect anything from the rowno column.

In the previous version of Jaikoz you could only work on selected rows if using the popmenu, the new way lets you do it via the main menu as well, most users prefer the main menu.