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Delete spaces in fields

some times a tag begins with a space or I want te delete a name wit a space .

example space David Bowie
here I wante to delete the space in front , oke one file is done manualy but for 5000 files it is too much

Example Tekst Piosenki space , in this case I want to delete Tekst Piosenki and the space

Triesd remove spase an width space without luck

How te get these spaces removed

You can use Find and Replace for this.

So here I have edited the tags for two files so they have an unneccessary space at the start of the Artist field in rows 4 and 5, and saved and reloaded them.

Then selected Edit/Find and Replace

In the Find field I just entered a single space (you cant see it in screenshot because it is a space), I leave Replace empty since I don’t want to replace with anything and in the bottom drop down I set it to Starts With so it only removes space at the start of the field


Select Replace All and you can see the results in the screenshot below, the spaces have been removed.

I did this , and indeed it works for the artist field , but in the field lyrics it does not work-
There stil one and two space at the begining of the row.

And can i use wildcard in the search and replace

Example (Verse 1 Different artist) and different artis could be anyone

It will work for the start of the field, but if the field contains multiple lines then it would not, maybe you need to search for newline characters (\n), perhaps you could email me an example file to try out.

Unfortunately wildcards are not currently supported, there is issue outstanding for that.