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delete empty folders

Is there an option to delete the old/empty folders upon folder rename in jaikoz? Currently after I do a Base Folder and Sub Folder rename and then save, I find I still have the old empty folders there that I need to browse to and manually delete.

Does Preferences:Save:General:Delete Empty Folders on Save work for you ?

Yeah, I found that shortly after I posted to the forums, but my topic wasn’t showing so I couldn’t update that it was resolved.

I like to enable this option on my “SongKong v6.10.1 Odelay Docker (Pro)” too. But cannot find this option. Can you please help me. Thank you in advance.

This exact option does not exist on SongKong, if you set If song moved to another folder move is set to Everything then SongKong will try to remove empty folders, but Im not sure its work 100% of the time.