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Delete Duplicates only whole album?

Hi @paultaylor -

New release of Songkong has been great so far in 9.01. However, is there some way to only have delete duplicates delete whole albums that are duplicated, not just one song from an album?

Not sure why the rest of the songs in the album aren’t tagged for deletion but it would be good to have an option that only allows deletion of a whole album and not just one song in an album that is tagged as a “duplicate”.


I think that is the question, but sounds like the value of Song is a duplicate if has same is set wrong for you.

If you cannot see the issue, just run Create Support Files and I will look for you.

Duplicates apply to songs not whole album, and there are many reasons for only deleting part of an album such as you only have some parts of album duplicated, so I dont see the need for a new option.

Hi @paultaylor - thank you!

I did have “Same MusicBrainz song and same album (any version) and sounds the same” checked. Still in the report there were lots of “1 track duplicates” found in an album with 48 tracks (opera) so it would be very strange to have just that one track deleted…

Hi, okay I checked the first album on Delete Duplicates Report A Kiss in the Dark by Alexis Cole and based on your Fix Songs report it does seem youhave the same album twice for all tracks, so it does look like there is a bug.


So I will have to look into this further.

Could you rerun Delete Duplicates against just Alexis Cole a couple of time, and see if you consistently get the same wrong result.

Yes, I copied the two duplicated albums over to another folder and ran it a couple of times (off preview mode).

First run it deleted the 1st track that it flagged. Second run did nothing. Sent support files.

Hi, thanks okay I can see in report 28 you ran in preview mode and it found one file to delete, then report 29 ran for real and it deleted the same one song, then no more runs, so unless you ran again after sending support files so can you run once more to see if deletes anymore and report back.

Since I can see in many cases the complete album is correctly deleted it is not obvious to me what the issue is, so if SongKong doesnt delete any more tracks from this album it would be easiest to resolve this if you could zip up the two albums and email them to If I can replicate the problem then usually relatively easy to solve the problem.

I’m pretty sure I sent support files again after the run that didn’t do anything, but i ran it again and sent support files:

Okay, so could you please send me the two albums (before the song was deleted)

Hi, are you able to send me the music files so I can get this resolved.

Trying to figure it out. Both dup albums are 4GB together. Attempting to share you a OneDrive link via email today.

Link is sent! Let me know if you can download it.

Just started download.

Have downloaded OK, thx.

I think may have found the issue, you have set to:

Same MusicBrainz song and same album (any version) and sounds the same

try changing it to

Same MusicBrainz song and same album (any version)

does that work ?

If so this is a bug really. If you pick an option that has Sounds the same then the songs have to have the same Acoustid, however Delete Duplicates doesn’t create the Acoustid it only uses it if already added by Fix Songs.

Fix Songs used to generate Acousttid for all songs however now it doesn’t because quite cpu intensive so can be a bottleneck on slow machines, and not necessary if have already identified by other method.

If you want to use sounds the same there is a workaround. Rerun Fix Songs and enable Force Acoustid fingerprints even if already matched

Then run Delete Duplicates

Please let me know if this was the issue.

Yup! worked perfectly once i turned off “Sounds the same”!

That’s great.

Thank you for your amazing support!

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