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I still don’t see Albunack updated for a few months.
I think this part is a bit underestimated considering that both Jaikoz and SongKong use this database.
For my part i constantly update Musicbrainz with the albums purchased, but i find myself having to wait months (in addition to requesting alignment) to get the data on Albunack ready to be used by the two software.
I would like to request more regularity and, as previously mentioned, have the last update date visible somewhere

Hi Dani82

Actually the underlying database was updated last week so SongKong/Jaikoz do have access to that data, but I forgot to recreate the Albunack reports and the Albunack Artists Page so they were not updated.

I have now recreated reports.

Your idea having an update date is a good one and I will do that as part of a plan to revamp the Albunack Database.