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Dealing with "The" in the name of the Artist

The last time I did any serious thinking about organizing my library was probably in 2012. Back then, for whatever reason I don’t recall now, I used a naming structure that moved any preceding “The” from the beginning, to the end; such as:

The Who ----> Who, The

However I am now in the process of updating my network and thought this may be a good time to re-visit how I do things. I am a totally newbie when it comes to SongKong (historically I have used other competitive products) and I have only done small experiments on test songs to see how SongKong works.

One thing I think I noticed is that when I ran a FIX on my test songs, it changed songs to the opposite of what they were/what I’ve been used to… FIX changed things to:

“Who, The ----> The Who”

So I guess I am wondering what everyone does these days… do you go with “The” at the end… or do you go with “The” in front?

This problem is solved with Sort fields, for example we have an Artist field that is used to display the artist as The Who, and an Artist Sort field that store the value Who, The. The Artist Sort field is used by any decent player to sort your artists so that The Who would be categorized under W not T using the sort field. We have the same mechanism for Album Artist and other fields.