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Data manipulation

I am new as a contributor to any form of forum but this one seems well behaved so I thought I might try. Please be gentle if you think my post is stupid or wrong!
I have edited some 28,500 tracks with Jaikoz around 70% classical and early jazz which requires much referencing of the CD cover and manual editing. I can now confirm Jaikoz is a 5* piece of software! I have a few suggestions that I feel would have made it easier and may help others too.

1 When you select a cell to edit, it turns dark blue. Would it be possible for the entire line to be highlighted, in say, light blue; this would save a lot of tracking across a wide screen to ensure you have selected the correct track(s) for editing

2 Could the text editor that you get when you double click the cell be upgraded? A separate dialogue box (when you double click) with a cut and paste facility and the ability to select text to copy and paste from another cell would make the job of correcting and reversing composer names and consistently ordering artist names much easier

3 When using the (excellent) Find and Replace feature, once beyond the first page each found item appears at the bottom of the window. If it could be made to appear near the top of the window, it would save scrolling manually to see what is next when making the decision to replace or not

4 When adding/changing album artwork, Jaikoz seems to add the artwork to one track only even if you have all the tracks on an album selected. It would save a copy and paste each time if it could be added to all tracks :slight_smile:

Good suggestions, regarding 4> the Edit Detail panel only ever applies to the last selected row. This is because I have always found it very annoying how in some apps like iTunes it tries to represent multiple rows when they have varying values.

But having added to one song you can easily use Copy/Paste from to the Artwork field to add to the others.