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Custom Subfolder Mask Help Request

Thanks for checking out my thread. I am trying to create a folder mask that would have an output such as:

Album Artist - Album (Year) [Format] {Custom1}

the tricky part comes from Format. If it is lossless, I would like the file type returned (FLAC, ALAC, AIFF etc), else I would like the bitrate returned.

I created as a trial:

function iflossless(value3){
     return value3 == "FLAC"  ? value3 :bitrate;

My problem comes from the format specifying ‘FLAC 16 bits’ for instance. What would I need to do to change my iflossless function in order to get the proper [Format] in my folder name?

I thought about checking for a bitrate above 320 kbps for instance and if it is, then print format, but I don’t know what return value 3 should be looking for.

The second part of my question comes from the {custom1}

What I would like is to have really is

{diskno + 'of' + disktotal + comments}

but, if disktotal <2, then I only want to have comments. I think I can manage this by creating a function but my problem is that I don’t want to see:

{1of2} {comments}

but rather {1of2 comments}

so the final folder name for a multidisk set:

Albumartist - album (Year) [Format] {1of comments} 

U2 - Boy (1980) [FLAC] {1of2 Limited Japanese Only Release}

and if there was someway of doing this:

U2 - Boy (1980) [FLAC] {Limited Japanese Only Release}/U2 - Boy (1980) [FLAC] {1of2 Limited Japanese Only Release}

U2 - Boy (1980) [FLAC] {Limited Japanese Only Release}/U2 - Boy (1980) [FLAC] {2of2 Limited Japanese Only Release}

that would be even better.

Thanks again for looking.

You could do

function iflossless(value3){
      return value3.startsWith("FLAC")  ? value3 :bitrate;

Regarding second part I am a bit unclear what you want to do, but do you realize that the curly brackets ({}) are used to define a function but will not actually be output ?