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Custom column field


Hopefully someone can help me…

I wish to have ‘Soloists’ field in Jaikoz which then will be reflected in Minimserver.
Up to now I have been using JRiver separately to insert values for this field. And it is displayed in control app such as Lumin app.

In Jaikoz, there’s no pre-defined column for Soloists, therefore I created one by editing Column 1 to Soloists in jaikoz_en file.
I can see it can now be selected as a column and I can insert values.
However, that value is not reflected (shown) in control app, neither in JRiver.

What am I missing?
Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you very much for your help!

Unfortunately we don’t currently have a way to create custom columns in Jaikoz, although there is well understood requirement and it will be added. What you have done is just modified the English display name when the column is shown in Jaikoz, it will have no other effect.

We do you have Performer field, this lists individual performers and their instrument and the Performer Name field list performers without their instrument.

I guess this would be like your soloists field, except sometimes contain additional people you might not consider soloists.

Worth noting MusicBrainz database doesn’t have a way to distinguish between true solists and just individuals playing, do you have a clear definition yourself?

Thank you for your explanation.
It makes sense why it’s not working as I wished.
I hope you will implement this functionality soon: custom field becoming effective seamlessly with server etc.

Soloists in my definition are pianist in concerto, or if triple concerto it is violinist, pianist and cellist.

Thank you for your help again.

Have you looked at the values added automatically to Performer Name to see if they match what you want.

I haven’t.
That’s because my library use Soloists value across (using JRiver for that) and I can not change it now. Too big a job.
If you could implement in future update, that would be hugely useful as I can do all in Jaikoz.

Many thanks.

Since you can have custom fields in JRiver would it not be possible to just load all your files into JRiver, then if just remap the field in jriver would it then write the existing values to new field.

Thanks for your suggestion Paul.
I am talking about tens of thousands of classical albums here and that’s where Jaikoz comes in with which fields and values can be edited at a good glance.

I guessed that I thought maybe you could load them all into JRiver, change column config, press Save All and it would do it, but I dont use JRiver, it was only a guess so it probably cannot do this.

Thank you very much for your suggestion by any means!

Looking forward to custom field implementation!