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Creating multiple folders

I have been reviewing different problems on the forum that sound like mine with no luck.
Some folders have all the songs some don’t. SongKong was working great before the holiday. My fear is that I changed a setting to “fix” it and goofed it up. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Is this the only problem or are there other, if you run Create Support Files I can review your options.

So far I think this is the only issue. The program used to take the songs and put them all into one folder. Now it makes it a multi step process.

I know I am missing a checkbox of a step somewhere. Hopefully you will be able to find it and get me back on course.

This is a great program. I lost 3 or 4 hard drives a few years back and without SongKong putting my music library back together would have been nearly impossible.

I sent you the support files.



Hi, I dont seem to have them are you sure you did it ?

Is there a new way to submit support files to you? I selected “Create Support Files” and it said they were sent.


No thats right but I dont seem to have, can you redo please.

Hi, I’m not sure but I think it may because yo are loading files from

Z:\Music\Alice in Chains , and it is correctly setting Base Folder to : Z:\Music

but have a Move Folder set which is the same as Base Folder

  • Move Folder: Yes
  • Move Folder: Z:\Music

You don’t need this move folder configured since your matched songs are not being moved they remain in Z:\Music, this may be confusing SongKong please try disabling Move Folder, try again and report back.