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Creating Album Folders

Hi, Paul. I am experimenting with Plex as a media player. It is picky about the file/folder structure of the music library. I currently have a very flat structure, folders for Artist Names with no subfolders for anything else (e.g., Album Name). Files inside the Artist Names folder are named as Artist Name - Song Title. Plex doesn’t like this flat structure, so I need to reorganize my library to, at minimum, have Album subfolders under the Artist Name folders. Not something I can do manually. Is there a function in Jaikoz that will do this? Is it under the File and Folder correct tools? Thank you!

Yes, its the Correct Sub Folders from Metadata action

Jaikoz splits file path into Base Folder, Sub Folder and Filename

and this command will replace the sub folder part based on your mask configured in Preferences.

You can also use Shift Base Folder to Sub Folder and Shift Sub Folder to Base Folder if part of the path you want to change is in the Base Folder, or part that you don’t want to change is in the Sub Folder part.