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Crash On Attempt To Correct Subfolders/ Does Not Save Changes

Please see screen capture.

I have attempted this twice with the new build. It’s happened both times. The first time was with a 29 track box set and then this one. After I hit the error message, Jaikoz just crashes and I have to open it again.

I can’t save anything at this point. I have also attached the support files via email in case you need those.


PS: I already sent you this in an email and posting here just in case.

Ok thanks, sorry I can see there is something missing in Java runtime since move to to Java 17 with this release, working on a fix now.

@mperazzetti okay its fixed, only a problem on Windows and Linux, not on MacOS

Okay I have just re-released 11.5 so you will have to do the following on Windows

  • Right click on Jaikoz in Start menu (it is within Jthink group) and select Uninstall
  • This brings up the Uninstall or change a program list, find Jaikoz and select Uninstall

  • Then download from website again and reinstall
  • You can check you have new version because if you go tot Help:About the Build Date will now say 11th May 2022 but in the original version it said 10th May 2022


Note on WIndows if you don’t uninstall first you wont be able to install the new version

On Linux there is no need to unstall and can just install over the top of existing install.

Thank you. That was quick! Will do.

That did it. Thank you. It’s still randomly freezing upon saving some albums and box sets sometimes, even without the art (when I have decided to take it out during certain saves to minimize the aggravation), but I deal with it, and I downloaded a free mp3 tagger to help with that, so that helps.

Okay you mean this - Box Sets Are Freezing Upon Save and Force Save forgot about this, no one else has reported it. Maybe you should email a couple of the files that have the problem so I can see if I can reproduce the error.

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