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Cover integration tests, seems strange

Hi @paultaylor,

I did copy a local copy of my “Arovane” folder to test the duplicates feature, and for the first time I’m checking these files from a proper GUI in macos.

There is something that tickles me though:

I take one random album folder as example, in this one you can see songkong did previously mix mp3 and flac (now fixed).

two things here:

  1. each mp3 file has a different cover (see the few examples I’m showing on the left handed part of the screenshot)
  2. flac files have absolutely no embedded cover

As far as I can see, none of the flac files that were identified and renamed do have a cover included in the container.

just one example (but trust me, there is no single flac file in there that has embedded album art)

is this normal ?

If you run status report on SongKong what does it show, Im not sure if MacOS show flac artwork as it s not one of Apples preferred formats. But when I look at an old status report you sent me I see firstly there is only an Eleeve (2) folder

and within this there is artwork (we dont actually send the artwork in support files so I cant see it, but I can see it is there)