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Correct Filename from metadata does not work

I have several songs that have the correct metadata displayed. When i Correct filename from metadata it does not. Why?

Forgot to mention that they also have acoustic id’s and fingerprints.

her is an example

It may because your Artist field is blank, but difficult to know without either details of your rename mask or your support files.

so what good is this software if it identifies a unique acoustic ID but will not update the metadata or filename from it if something is wrong or missing?

The reason I purchased this program was to POSITIVELY ID and UPDATE existing files. Yet every time I try there is another reason as to why it did not work.

Or am I expecting to much for my money?

In my answer I said

I was hoping you might provide these details (Advanced:Create Support Files) without them I am just guessing.

Regarding Acoustids, acoustids are looked up in the AcoustId database, and many of these have a link to the MusicBrainz database but some do not. Adding data to Acoustid is an automated process whereas MusicBrainz is a manual process so the AcoustId database has more songs than the MusicBrainz database.

If they have a link then we can retrieve very good metadata, if they do not have a link then Acoustid only provides very basic data of song artist, title and album, and sometimes this data is inconsistent and cannot be used.

So in your screenshot showing they have an AcoustId, what is more important is if they have a MusicBrainz Recording Id and MusicBrainz Release Id

How do i attach the file?

Please just email to