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Considerations about Songkong and Jaikoz

As a user of both programs, and having tested the excellent SongKong update (I am also a Roon user and the latest version of songkong helps a lot), i thought a consideration that I had already in mind for a while: it wouldn’t be better have a single program that combines Songkong’s “massive” power with Jaikoz’s “manual” analysis and editing?
I say this because it is quite evident that the development efforts are focused on songkong (and this has already been for some years) and this creates an “alignment” problem for those who use both software (see the list of extra fields in songkong, or the power of editing via jaikoz spreadsheet that does not have songkong, etc …).
If both software were always updated in parallel, then there would be no “communication” problems for those who use them both. But this involves a major development effort which I understand may not be sustainable.
For this reason I was wondering if it would not be better to focus on a single program that includes the features of these two. If this involves a commercial impact (as it is obvious to think if you switch from two programs to one), you can still think of a solution (the first that comes to mind is to keep 2 songkong and jaikoz style licenses leaving the user the decision to purchase one or both. Each license unlocks only the functions of a part of the program. Purchasing both unlocks the complete program).
It is not a criticism, it is just a thought that came to me to have a much more efficient software

Sure it is a problem, but trying to add in Jaikoz manual editing and other features to SongKong would be a bad fit and wouldn’t work well , then there are many customers that like Jaikoz but don’t like SongKong and vice versa. Although development is currently skewed towards SongKong we do try and keep field compatibility and until the latest release of SongKong the fields supported was almost exactly the same.

We do need to do a new Jaikoz release that will support the same fields and have the same mappings as SongKong, that should not be too far away.