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complete album creation

heres what I am trying to achive with my collection, cant currently install Jaikoz on my machine until I figure out whats causing my machine to not update java, to check the best way to impliment my plans,

currently I have a bunch of files some sorted by Album, some just not,

some of the album files currently have mutliple copies of songs,

and example being my folder for the beatles/revolver,
as identified by songkong by the way the file size and length of this particlar double up are perfect matches,

MusicBrainz Summary
Matched 15 Songs to the following MusicBrainz Releases
The Beatles

?Revolver - d74365b0-288d-3b85-b344-7f9f603378b6, 1 songs of 14
?GB, Parlophone, Cat No:CDP 7 46441 2, CD

    The Beatles - 01/03 - I'm Only Sleeping

?Revolver - faa47611-ff6f-3e08-b27c-7e56583c08e4, 14 songs of 14
?US, Capitol Records, Cat No:CDP 7 46441 2, CD

    The Beatles - 01/01 - Taxman
    The Beatles - 01/02 - Eleanor Rigby
    The Beatles - 01/03 - I'm Only Sleeping
    The Beatles - 01/04 - Love You To
    The Beatles - 01/05 - Here, There and Everywhere
    The Beatles - 01/06 - Yellow Submarine
    The Beatles - 01/07 - She Said She Said
    The Beatles - 01/08 - Good Day Sunshine
    The Beatles - 01/09 - And Your Bird Can Sing
    The Beatles - 01/10 - For No One
    The Beatles - 01/11 - Doctor Robert
    The Beatles - 01/12 - I Want to Tell You
    The Beatles - 01/13 - Got to Get You Into My Life
    The Beatles - 01/14 - Tomorrow Never Knows

what I would actually like to achieve is when looking up albums to preform the following:
Identify the last identified track in album IE: in case of MY copy of revolver: The Beatles - 01/14 - Tomorrow Never Knows
find the first match (ranked so as to avoid compilation where possible, {PS songkong origonally matched these tracks to a box set of multple albums} using track numbers)
search collection for Artist\track in following order:
Identified track location
unprocessed file collection
Processed File collection*copy only
Move files to a user selected path

so the end result should be a group of files correctly taged, sorted by Album, and remaining files being either duplicates of files already sorted or unsortable IE invalid artist/title

SongKong/Jaikoz are always going to look for the best match based on acoustids and current metadata. So if your existing metadata is correct but points to a different version of the album (later/boxset) then you want the best thing to do is delete that part of the metadata (i,e boxset tracknos). Also with Jaikoz you can use Match to Specified MusicBrainz Release