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Command line request

Would it be possible to call Jaikoz with a command line that points to the folder containing the files to process?

This would enable me to, for instance, “send” my files from within JRiver directly to Jaikoz by passing the location of the files folders, eg

jaikoz -f “c:/whatever”

This is not possible with Jaikoz, but this is already possible with SongKong

Does that mean it will never be possible?

I prefer Jaikoz over SongKong as it better fits my workflow.

It seems unlikely, this kind of thing is a much better fit with SongKong.

I’d also very much welcome such an option. It’s too stupid that Jaikoz starts browsing in $HOME and one has to use the not very comfortable java file chooser to navigate.

Starting browsing in the current working directory (instead of $HOME) would be another solution to this problem, though.

Thanks, Markus

You can specify the default folder to read from in General:Base Folder:Default Read Folder

and Folder Chooser will then use this as the starting point.

Thanks for the hint. Nevertheless I’d be more happy if this could be specified directly from the command line, as my workflow is mainly shell based and uses jaikoz in many different directories. However, since this is a preference setting, it’s not hard to write a wrapper script for starting jaikoz and modifying before. The more elegant way would be having a command line option for overriding selected preferences, though.

Paul, is there a reason why this command line option couldn’t be added? I’ve learned to live without it in my workflow, but I would still say it’s my biggest frustration with Jaikoz and so would still like to see it added…

Jaikoz is not really intended as a tool to be called from other tools, is an interactive application so even if you could start it with required option you would still have to go into Jaikoz and save changes when done its not going to allow a fully automated wotrkflow. Although since the preferences rewrite in Jaikoz 11 you could achieve the start with specified directory by manually modifying the value of startupReadFolder in file

But SongKong does have command line line option to allow you to run Fix Songs tasks without invoking the Gui, so I would suggest you consider trying that instead.

Thanks for the reply. I cannot remember now why SongKong didn’t work for me, or why I preferred Jaikoz, but I tried both at the time and stuck with Jaikoz, which continues to serve me well.

For me, the command line would simply be a shortcut to starting Jaikoz and pre-loading the files I want to process. Currently I start Jaikoz and drag and drop files onto it for processing. I need to be involved in the markup process to ensure results are correct before writing tags - an automated fix, as you seem to be suggesting with SongKong is not what I’m after.

Anyway, not a major problem - I’ve lived without this functionality long enough.

Oh okay, well like I say you can do that now,

Either through the UI or by editing the file directly you just need to set




So if processing same folder all the time just need to do once, if folder changes every time you could maybe write a simple program to modify the value of startupReadFolder. Although if the folder is changing every time I fail to understand why dragging and dropping the folders into Jaikoz is easier than just select the folder with Open Folder I find drag and drop very cumbersome.

My current Jaikoz workflow is for importing new music only so the files always start in same folder and for these I just drag and drop (but will update to auto load, thanks!) but the majority of my music collection has never been Jaikoz’d and it would be very cool from within JRiver Media Center simply right click on an album I wanted to update and Send To->Jaikoz - but this needs the command line where any source folder can be specified.

Set Jaikoz to auto-load source folder and when starting get:

“Unexpected Problem with Jaikoz”…java125)

Edit: The base folder setting was empty. I now specified folder and it works, but that crash could be tidied up.

I suppose it would be quite easy to do have raised , I havent looked at your null pointer issue yet.

Fantastic! :heart_eyes: