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Comma-sep Genres from Remote OR Local Correct to copy Grouping into Genre field

I usually get my genre tags from Discogs. So, if I go into the Remote Correct > Discogs tab and set my Genre option to "Discogs Genre then Style" (First wishlist; second wishlist is below) it would be nice if it gave me a comma-separated list of genres followed by styles by default, much like the output when you set the same option for Grouping, rather than just adding line items (where most programs will just take the first option).
For example with this release, Google Play, iTunes etc will just use "Electronic" as the genre as opposed to "Electronic,Rock,Abstract,Future Jazz,Downtempo" which i can easily set in the grouping.

That being said, (Second wishlist) if there was an option under Local Correct to copy the Grouping into the Genre field then other programs that take the first value like Google Play Music could get the full gamut of tags I’d like.

That being said, if it’s not possible

The trouble is then that if the Genre was set to “Electronic,Rock,Abstract,Future Jazz,Downtempo” then you couldt simply list songs with the genre “Rock” because it will just see “Electronic,Rock,Abstract,Future Jazz,Downtempo” as single genre so it doesn’t seem to make sense to me as after all the Grouping tag is also visible in iTunes so you cant you do what you want just using the Grouping tag instead of the Genre tag.

Its not within Local Correct, but if you drag Genre column so just to left of Grouping column, click on Genre heading and select Empty Column. Then Select fields form both Columns and use Append to Left to copy the values of each Grouping field to the corresponding Genre field

Thanks for the tip, I’ll try that if I need to. You’re right about iTunes also, they do have the grouping field. Honestly though, I never use iTunes. So… my idea was sort of a plan to organize kind of an descending-genre list on Play Music but you’re right, that probably wouldn’t be such an effective list in practice.

I can upload 50,000 files for free to the Goog (which is the reason I bought Jaikoz). Unfortunately, I think we’re still early on in the game with these streaming sevices (hopefully), and their options are pretty dumbed-down for most people, Amazon Music same thing.

Yeah, these services ideally should have a better way to categorize and sort and link to genres within your own online collection, they way Discogs and LastFM do it (you’d think)