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Combining a series of CDs so they appear as a single ?box set?

I have a series of CDs from a box set which when scanned through SongKong appear as 5 independent CDs. There are pieces that straddle more than one CD. I would like to cluster the separate tracks together to form coherent ?pieces?. So if select say a symphony -it picks up the 4 tracks and they are seen together rather than at the moment seen as a piece with 2 movements on one CD and then seen as a separate piece with the same name an 2 different tracks on another CD
It there is something written as a ?how to? sheet on this could you please direct me to it
Many thanks

Difficult to force such a match in SongKong. Is the Box Set release actually in MusicBrainz in which case you could load the songs then use Action:Match to Songs:Match to a specified MusicBrainz Album

If doing manualy you need to ensure Album field set the same for all, and then Disc no and Track no fields set correctly.

I am not sure that it is a ?true box set? could I just make those changes in JaikOz and get that effect?

Probably, depends on exactly how you are using really

Hi Paul

Thanks - is there any written guidance for this sort of thing you could direct me to?

Also if I get it wrong is there a way of undoing it?


Hi Paul

I have been in through JaikOz and done this Manually - works really well as long as you are systematic in the approach

Thanks again


Okay great, yes there no instructions specific to this, but just about anything can be changed in Jaikoz.