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Clicking Info tab inserts Rating 0 (zero)

I really like Jaikoz, but there is one annoying bug.
When I switch between windows in Windows and the Info tab is active, the rating O (Zero, or a few stars) is often added to the metadata. I found it in foobar.
I saw it in Jaikoz 10 and 11, the area marked in yellow is sensitive.

Hi, how exactly do you switch between windows ?

may switching is not the problem. I repeated
Drag&drop an album into jaikoz
one cell in status column is marked.
clicking left of language then the save “image” is active.
when I save it then it saves RATING “0”. only one title.

Sorry could please you spell.grammar check that last reply because I cannot understand what you saying as it is.

Hi Paul
Thanks for your patience.

I’m trying with pictures.

Clicking one or more times in the yellow area activates the rating.
Saving results in the RATING tag “0”.

Okay thanks so if I understand you correctly clicking on the area around the Info tab cause it to add a value to Rating and set Status to modified ?

But from your screenshot Rating does not seem to be modified, can you select the Changes tab to see what is marked for change and post screenshot please.


sometimes it adds some stars.

Hmm, Im unable to reproduce this problem.

Do you have another computer you could try it on to see if problem occurs there ?

I was able to reproduce this on Win Vista !!! 32bit
and Jaikoz 10.0 32bit.

Neither Jaikoz 10 or Jaikoz 11 is available for Windows 32bit !

I have this issue on
Windows Vista , Jaikoz 10.0 NGS
Windows 10 , Jaikoz 11.0.5 Pro Licensed

Im not clear are you running on 32-bit or not ?
Perhaps you can create a video because I cannot reproduce this.

I have 64bit win 10

I did a 2.5 mb movie, were can I upload. nonpublic!

If only 2.5mb it should be okay to just email it to



Thanks I can reproduce error now, I will look into this.