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Choosing the right album.

The problem I’m facing is this: I’ve ripped a CD with lots of classical music on it, but when I try tagging this stuff, it assigns a different (incorrect) album name and other stuff to each song. I’m sure it doesn’t help that most classical songs have been released on so many compilation releases.

My question: Couldn’t Jaikoz look at all the songs I have and from the option of albums for a song, pick the one that is most complete in the music my library offers?

Jaikoz does try and do this, but there was a bug in a recent version of Jaikoz that stopped it from doing it, please try agai with the latest version.

Yes latest latest version is working :slight_smile:

OH yeah, it was a real bummer for me. I must upgrade. I’m glad that you guys are in touch with comunity, constantly progressing the soft.