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Chinese songs tagging

Hi, the songs in my Melco has a lot of issues after upgrading to version 3.80. Almost 600 albums lost even after repeated rescan by Minimserver.

I have close to 100K songs and about 35% are Chinese songs. Will like to purchase Songkong for Melco to help resolve this. I will like to know if Songkong can tag most of my Chinese songs properly before i pull the trigger and purchase this. Thank you.

I can’t really say why an upgrade would have caused song identification to get worse, are you sure it really is worse could it be that previously you were using MinimServer and your MinimServer settings have been lost on upgrade. Or were you using MinimServer and now using Twonky or vice versa ?

Regardless SongKong would help significantly, Songkong can tag songs in any language however it would be fair to say the MusicBrainz has better coverage of European than Chinese music.

The key thing is you can run SongKong Lite in Preview so you can see exactly the results before you make a purchase.

Thank you. Will give it a shot and purchase if it checks out.