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Changing artist in the bottom listing doesn't change the top selector

When I changed, for example [unknown] to Unknown, all of the artist fields in the bottom set of data changed, but the top listing of artists did not change. What am I doing wrong?


Not totally clear what you mean here, can you please post screenshot to make things clearer.

I created a screenshot, but I can’t figure out how to post it. How do I do that?


Ignore the last message, I figured out how to show the screenshot (I hope)

Therefore, here’s a screenshot showing what I’m talking about. I’ve circled both the top listing showing “unknow artist” and the bottom listing showing “Unknown Artist”.

I hope this clarifies what I’m asking.


Hi, the genre/artist/album browser is not case sensitive, its shows all values as lowercase. Grouping values that are the same except whether they are lowercase/UPPERCASE or MixEd Case makes it easier to find things, that is why we have done it this way.

I understand that, but the problem is unknow artist versus Unknown Artist.

Oh sorry missed that.
Okay the problem is that the list at the top first looks at the value of the artists field rather than the artist field. Both are autopopulated when autocorrect from MusicBrainz or Discogs, but in this case you have just manually edited values in the artist field.

Ok, I understand it now. I’ll just have to edit the artists field to fix the problem.

Thanks for the help!