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Changes to Rating/Popularimeter field NOT updated in Jaikoz on "Revert To Saved"

Windows 10 + WMP12:
I made a star rating change in WMP which is immediately shown in file properties via File Explorer however these changes are NOT shown in Jaikoz upon doing “Revert To Saved”. Instead you must close the file then re-open it before this change is displayed in Jaikoz.

I dont think so because you shouldnt be modifying files with another application at the same time as modifying with Jaikoz.

When you load files in Jaikoz a copy of the data is stored in the model, and that data in the model is modified until you save changes then it is written back to the file, Revert To Saved resets the data in the model to how it was when the songs was loaded, so basically it is Undo All Changes. But it doesn’t reread the data from the actual files because this would only be necessary if the files have been modified by another application whilst you have the files loaded in Jaikoz, which is not good practise. If you reload the files in Jaikoz or reopen the files in Jaikoz it will compare the date uploaded/saved in Jaikoz with the current lastModifiedDate of file and if later reload from file.

Thanks Paul that explains why the rating was not updating - I wrongly assumed “Revert To Saved” reloads the files.