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Catalina compatible?

When will this happen?

Jaikoz works on Catalina, its just falling foul of Apples new notarization mechanism, but there is an easy workaround

We would like to add notarization support, but it is a bit of a pain so cant give a date currently.

Jaikoz can not update iTunes because there is no iTunes in Catalina. It is now called Music. I get an error each and every time I save a

True, we havent added support for Music app yet.
But simply uncheck Preferences:Save:iTunes Update to prevent error occurring.

I am confused. Are you saying that Jaikoz, at this time does, not save changes to iTunes/Music? I am not seeing the corrected information translated to the Music app. This seems like a wasted effort on my part to use Jaikoz to clean-up my music collection, does it not?

No it doesn’t currenty inform Music app of changes, we cant base our development of Jaikoz on the timescales of Apple. But there is a very simple workaround after making changes in Jaikoz and saving them simply select all your songs in Music, do Get Info and Music will then update its library based on the new metadata added by Jaikoz.