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Can't tag 2nd CD of set

Im a basic user, so please be gentle!

I have a 2CD set that musicbrainz has found. The track names are track 1, track 2 etc.

I have successfully got Jaikoz to tag the 1st CD but every time I chose the 2nd CD it uses the 1st zcad and says there’s a difference in the times etc, as there is.

So how can I tag a group of files that are CD 2 from musicbrainz please. I have latest Jaikoz on an iMac with Lion if makes a difference.


Tagging multiple CDs is more difficult than single CDs but you should try tagging both cds in one go, as it is just one release.

Select files from both CDs
Select Action/Match to Release/Match to One Release/

if that doesn’t work but you know the release you want to match to try

Select Action/Match to Release/Match Songs to Specified Release

and enter the Musicbrainz Id of the release.