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Can't run Jaikoz after updating today

Dear all,

I just downloaded and installed the Jaikoz 11.6.0 Bauhaus and now when I want to start Jaikoz. I keep getting the popup error; Unexpected Problem with Jaikoz please report problem to Jaikoz forum at

That’s all the informartion that there is. I then only can press the button OK that will close the popup, but Jaikoz doesn’t start.

Any help please.

Hmm, can you run Create Support Files and email them to please.

Okay what operating system are you using?

Same problem on my side too!

Windows 11 Enterprise version 22H2 on my PC.


Hi, okay I think I have fixed it, updated the Windows version so far.

Please do the following and let me know if resolves the issue, as I was not actually able to replicate the issue locally.

  • Uninstall Jaikoz (You must do this on Windows or it will just reinstall the old version)
  • Download replacement version of Jaikoz 11.6 now on website
  • Install new version
  • In Help:About it will now say Build Date 5th January 2023, before it incorrectly said 12th November 2022

Reinstalled and it looks like it`s working now!

Thank you for the quick fix!

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Hello Paul,

Sorry for the late reply, but didn’t got time to try before.

But also here, it is working now.

Thank you for the fast solving of the problem.

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