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Can't Read Tracks Transfered from iPhone to Windows 11 PC

By using Media Monkey, I was able to transfer my MP3 files from an old iPhone 3g (iOS 4) to my Windows PC. These were MP3’s that I created from my ripped CD’s.

I’m assuming that SongKong won’t load the files because of their naming convention (metadata). If that is true, is there an automated way to change what needs to be changed?

Please advise what needs to be changed and suggest the easiest way to make that change, thanks.

Examples of the files follow:

The tracks culled have this naming convention:

Via Windows 11 File Explorer the tracks Properties look like this:

Ok, I answered my own question. SongKong doesn’t display the tracks! :roll_eyes:

I used SongKong to great effect a couple years ago, on approx 100k tracks. However, having slept since then, I forgot the very basics. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I do recall spending a copious amount of time getting everything to my liking and then I turned turned SongKong “loose”, hoping to get as much correct as I could, for my track’s use on my Roon music player. That worked much to my satisfaction and made me a SongKong believer, thanks Paul!! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sorry I really don’t understand the original question, or this conclusion, please elaborate.

Yeah Paul, when I selected a folder, I expected see all of the files in the folder, as I would when using Windows File Explorer for example. Of course that isn’t the case. After selecting a source and then an action, the fun begins behind the scenes until an output is seen. Sorry for jumping to a conclusion and the false “ring” so to speak. Keep up the excellent work…

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Yes to be clear SongKong is designed for matching (multiple) albums, it doesnt make much sense to match individual songs inside an album so we just show the folders rather than the files within when you select a folder to process.