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Can't load Artwork

Hello there i had download version 11.0.6
I had edited a album and i’m trying to upload from the menu bar / Action / Local Correct / Correct Arworkt.
It don’t load the artwork that i have in the folder. It had stop working. I had even try to drag from the folder to the artwork and it don’t load at all. I will send you a JaikozSupport file by email



Do you have Detail window enabled, if so the console tab shows warnings and errors

In your logs it says

Artwork Luis Segura - El Papá De La Bachata Su Legado - Añoñado 2 2021/El Papá De La Bachata, Su Legado - Añoñado 2/El Papá De La Bachata, Su Legado - Añoñado 2 F.jpg is only 500 pixels wide smaller than your preferred minimum width of 600 pixels, so ignored

So I expect this is the issue and you need to modify the value of Preferences:Local Correct:artwork Correct:Ignore Artwork:Ignore Artwork smaller than this from 600 to 500